King Edward VI School - French


The ability to communicate in other languages is a great asset in any field of activity and today there is more and more demand for linguists in business and industry.

Learning a foreign language enables you to achieve a range of skills that are highly valued. French is a real asset in any career, as it ranks among the top 5 most frequently spoken languages in the world and plays an important role in many French speaking countries over the 5 continents. The department promotes French culture around the topics covered and use authentic materials adapted to pupils in order to develop their comprehension skills and to help them gain more confidence in these abilities. At K.E.S. all students start to learn French in Year 8 and the aim of the course is to acquire some specific language skills and to gain knowledge and understanding of the French culture. The great emphasis will be to develop the key active skills__ speaking and writing in order to lay the foundation needed in subsequent courses. Our teaching relies on the use of interactive whiteboard to teach some specific topics and grammar concepts. The students can also have access to the IT suite to practise some key structures. We offer a variety of enrichment opportunities. Students have the opportunity to subscribe to Mary Glascow magazine, to watch some French cartoons and films once a week and to enter some language competitions offered during the course of the year. Year 12 and 13 students are offered a week’s work experience in a French city. Every year there are always opportunities to go to the local cinema in order to watch French films.