king Edward VI School - Drama


As befits Shakespeare’s School, Drama is valued here at K.E.S.

The subject plays a central role, both within the curriculum and beyond it, for a number of reasons.  It offers content, a body of knowledge which can be learned; it provides techniques and skills which can be exploited in the years to come whatever the context; and, of course, it creates tremendous excitement. Drama is, by its nature, an intensely practical subject, which demands a strong commitment to the realisation of shared aims.  Our students in all years find that creative endeavour provides rigorous intellectual challenge.  Across all Key Stages Drama is taught by a specialist teacher. A superb purpose-built studio enables innovative student theatre. The department conducts numerous trips and visits, welcomes artists, hosts theatre companies, and exploits to the full contacts with world famous local and national institutions.  In recent times we have worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company, The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, the University of Warwick and the BBC.