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Admissions Policy 2022 - Consultation
As required by the Admissions Code 2014, the Governors of King Edward VI School have published a proposed Admissions Policy for 2022 entry (below) and have initiated a consultation period which will run from Friday 16th October to Monday 30th November 2020.  

Proposed Changes
It is proposed to introduce a new oversubscription criteria (Category 3) for entry to Year 7 which allocates up to 70 places from an inner priority circle centred on Stratford-upon-Avon with a radius of 13 miles. A subsequent oversubscription category (Category 4) will continue to prioritise places for those children living within the existing (outer) priority circle of 16.885 miles.  See map below. 

King Edward VI School has historically served the population of southern Warwickshire. However, the Greenwich Judgement of 1990 set a precedent in law establishing that schools may not give admissions priority to children for the sole reason that they live within a Local Authority's administrative boundaries. In light of this decision, and to ensure that children who live in southern Warwickshire could continue to be prioritised for places at the School, a decision was made by the Governors at King Edward VI School to draw a priority circle centred on Stratford-upon-Avon with a radius of 16.885 miles (i.e. to the southern-most tip of Warwickshire). Initial offers are currently made to those children who live within this priority circle.   

Over the period 2010-15, on average 89% of Year 7 entrants lived in Warwickshire with 83% living within 13 miles of the School. However, these percentages have steadily fallen. This year 62% of Year 7 entrants live in Warwickshire with 61% living within 13 miles of the School. The increasing number of students travelling from the periphery of our priority circle face limited transport options and extended travel times. In order to maintain the thriving extra-curricular life at the School and high levels of parental engagement, and to reduce the environmental impact of home to school transport, the Governors of King Edward VI School propose to introduce an inner priority circle centred on Stratford-upon-Avon with a radius of 13 miles from which up to 70 places (i.e. 80%) will be allocated. An outer priority circle will remain at 16.885 miles as a subsequent oversubscription category to ensure that the School remains an option for those children who live towards the periphery, including those living in the extremities of southern Warwickshire.  

If you wish to comment on King Edward VI School’s proposed Admissions Policy 2022 you are asked to write to Mrs H.D. Brazier, Clerk to the Governors, at the School address: King Edward VI School, Chapel Lane, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 6BE or via  

The deadline for receipt of comments is midday on Monday 30th November.
Admissions Policy 2021
Admission to K.E.S. in Year 7 is by a selective entrance procedure administered by the Local Authority on the School’s behalf. Warwickshire Admissions are also responsible for the administration of all occasional vacancy admissions to the School and should be contacted in the first instance. The School administers its own admissions to the Sixth Form, details of which can be found below.

To access information on Year 7 and Year 12 Entry 2021, please click on the links to the left side of this page.

Enquiries regarding transport to and from School should be made directly to Warwickshire County Transport. (Tel: 01926 412929).