Academic Curriculum

Academic Curriculum

At K.E.S. we believe that our curriculum should provide a broad and balanced experience for all our students.

The curriculum is everything that happens in our School which helps students learn and develop knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes. Learning takes place in the classroom, and also, for example,
through games, assemblies, theatrical and musical productions, residential courses, educational visits,
and community work.

We aim to develop enjoyment of, and commitment to learning, so that students will make the maximum progress and achieve the highest standards possible.

Our curriculum also aims to develop our students’ sense of identity, through knowledge of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural heritages of the societies in which they are living. This includes an international dimension as we seek to increase our links with educational institutions overseas. It encourages an appreciation of the aesthetic, scientific and technological achievements of mankind. The whole School curriculum develops an understanding of different beliefs, and helps our students to distinguish between right and wrong. It passes on enduring values,
promotes equal opportunities, and helps to produce future citizens who care about others, about the environment, and about truth and justice. The personal development of our students spiritually, morally, socially and culturally plays a most significant part in their ability to learn and achieve high standards.

K.E.S. follows the National Curriculum, with the addition of extra modern and classical languages at Key Stage 3.
In our three year Key Stage 4, students take four optional subjects in addition to the core curriculum. In the Lower Sixth form, all  take four AS Levels and participate in a varied enrichment programme.  Most of our students continue with three A Level subjects as they prepare for university entry. We seek to provide a challenging academic environment at all stages with, for example, IGCSE English and Additional Mathematics at Key Stage 4, and Pre-U English and French in the Sixth Form.

The subject links to the left of this page outline what each subject offers our students.  GCSE and A Level course details are included in the attached pdfs.