King Edward VI School - The Governing Body

The Governing Body

Dr D.R. Derbyshire (Former Parent)

Appointed Governors
Mr M.D. Evans (Old Edwardian)
Mrs A.F. Fairbairn (Former Parent)
Mr J.A. Jones (Parent)
Mr V.G.F. Matts (Former Parent)
Mrs M.T. Rendell (Former Parent)
Mrs J. Short
Mr C.J. Smith (Deputy Chairman/Former Parent)
Mrs E.J. Speechley (Former Parent)
Ms P. Streeter (Former Responsible Officer)

Elected Parent Governors
Mr J. Blann
Mr P. A. Maundrill

Elected Staff Governors
Mr S.P.M. McCrink (Teaching Staff)
Ms K.A. Hayward (Support Staff)
Mr N.P. Treble (Teaching Staff)

Mr B. Carr

Mr M. Hawley (Former Parent)

Clerk to the Governors
Mrs H.D. Brazier (Former Parent)