Compliance and Policies

Compliance and Policies


In accordance with its Funding Agreement and statutory obligations, the Academy Trust willingly makes available the following data and information:

1.  Memorandum of Association

2.  Articles of Association

3.  Funding Agreement

4.  Deed of Variation to Funding Agreement

5.  Click here to view the School’s List of Governors

6.  Governors’ Business Interests

7.  PSC Register

8.  Click here for the latest Key Stage 4 School Performance Tables from the Department for Education. This data includes the following:

a.  % achieving 5 + A* – C GCSEs including English and Mathematics

b.  % achieving the English Baccalaureate c.  % of students making expected progress

9.  Click here for the School’s latest Ofsted Inspection Report

School Policies

A selection of School Policies can be viewed by following the links below.  Additional polices are available for Parents to view via the Parents’ portal.

  View Accessibility Plan (PDF)

  View Anti-Bullying Policy (PDF)

  View Behaviour Policy (PDF)

  View Complaints Procedures (PDF)

  View Curriculum Policy (PDF)

  Data Protection Policy (PDF)

  View E-Safety Policy (PDF)

  View Equality Policy (PDF)

  View Freedom of Information Policy (PDF)

  Governance Policy (PDF)

  View IT Acceptable Use Policy (PDF)

  Privacy Notice – Parents (PDF)

  Privacy Notice – Students (PDF)

  View Pupil Premium Strategy (PDF)

  View Safeguarding Policy (PDF)

  View Special Educational Needs Policy (PDF)

  View Special Educational Needs Information Report (PDF)

  View Uniform Policy (PDF)

  View 16-19 Bursary Policy (PDF)